Benchmarking Reports

The following benchmarking reports are available only to CIC State Fund Members.


 Organizational and Gift Income Report

​CIC conducts an annual survey on organizational and gift income data from the entire network of State Fund Members. From the collected data, CIC creates custom benchmarking reports for individual State Fund Members who request to view their data in comparison with peer groups of other State Fund Members of similar make-up or size.

The goal of this member service program is to provide State Funds with a management information tool, which will allow them to see where their fundraising programs are strong or weak relative to their peer organizations, so they can then follow up with adjustments designed to further strengthen their operations.

 Salary and Benefits Report

​Each year, CIC contracts an outside organization to produce a confidential report of the salaries and benefits earned by executives at State Fund Member organizations. This service helps CIC State Fund Members meet the IRS requirements for using benchmarking data in determining executive salaries.

 Member Services

​Download a complete list of services offered to CIC State Fund Members.